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Welcome to Top Coat Pro Painters Townsville. We perform a variety of painting services for the people of Townsville.

It is perhaps a cliché to say ‘No job too big, no job too small’, but it is also accurate. Regardless of the size of the job – whether it is simply painting or staining the fence down the back of your yard, or you need the interiors, exteriors, roof and every available surface painted in preparation for selling your home our contractors will handle any job thrown their way.
And let’s just say right off the bat – we don’t only do painting jobs for residential home owners; if you have a shop, an office, or any commercial business that needs a spruce up, or a complete interior and exterior painting overhaul, call us. We will handle it all.
You’ve probably noticed how much colour effects your life. There have been studies done by people with many letters after their name detailing just how much effect different colours have on someone’s behaviour and moods, even if unconsciously.

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painters Townsville

Bright colours like orange and yellow are bold, upbeat. Red is a strong colour, it often draws attention to itself, which is why it is so often used to denote sales. Sky blue, except around State of Origin time, often makes you feel calm, relaxed.

It is the same with the colour scheme you use to paint your walls. Dark colours are often used to make a large room seem smaller, more intimate. Conversely, people often use light colours to make room seems bigger, fresher. Oranges and yellow are often used to make rooms seem vibrant and upbeat.

Whatever colours you chose in your home are colours that you need to be comfortable with. You’re going to be living there, for a while, looking at those colours every day. Even if you aren’t consciously thinking about it, those colours could be defining your mood.

Your home should be the one place you really feel … at home. It should be a place where you are most you, and therefore, it makes sense that it should be the place that reflects you the most. Your home should tell people a little about you, even without their understanding it.

And colour is a great way of doing that.

About US

Townsville, the unofficial capital of North Queensland. From Ross River and Mount Stuart in the south, to The Strand on the seaside in the east, it is a beautiful city.
And at Top Coat Pro Painters Townsville, we just want to make it even more beautiful. We want people to be happy in their homes and businesses, and we believe a professionally done paint job can help to beautiful our city and make its people just that little bit happier.
Take a look at the services that our company offers. If you own a home, we have you covered with interior and exterior painting, as well as roof painting, deck, patio and porch painting and staining. We’ll even paint or stain your fence, too.
And if you own a business – an office, a shop, hotels and apartments, whatever the case might be – we would love to work with you, as well.
There really isn’t anything we wouldn’t paint … except perhaps finger painting or face painting. We’ll draw a line there, but anything else, you should call us. Now matter how big or small (there’s that cliché again), we’ll treat each and every job with our full respect and attention and ability.
So call us, or put your details into the contact form. Our friendly staff will contact you as soon as possible.


Interior Painting Townsville

interior painters Townsville

Sometimes we look at a house, perhaps one that we bought from a previous owner, and we wonder how we can truly make it our own, a place that has our style, our character. A place that reflects us.
One of the best ways to do this is with colour. Bright colours in the living room make it seem warm and inviting to guests if you are the type of person who enjoys entertaining. Light colours can make small rooms seem larger, dark colours can make bigger rooms seem intimate, cosy.
There are many ways you can impose your own character on to the colour scheme of your house, and we can help you with making those decisions.
We can help turn your house into something that reflects you and your personality for years to come. So give us a call today, or use the contact form, and have us handle all of your internal house painting needs.

Exterior Painting Townsville

exterior painters Townsville

You should consider painting your exteriors as an investment, rather than as simply a cost. In terms of your property value increase the returns of this investment is more than 100%. The return pays for the cost of the job.
But even if you aren’t ready to put your house on the market, painting your exteriors protects those exteriors from the wind and rain, from the harsh effects of sunlight and from the annoying effects of pooping birds.
Flaking off, chipped paint and dull colour schemes are doing you no favours. A new vibrant exterior paint can not only increase your property value but save you money on later renovation work.
So give us a call or put your details in the contact form. Our contractors are excited to be paining Townsville one house at a time, and are looking forward to talking with you.

Commercial Painting Townsville

commercial painters Townsville

First impressions matter. When your customer or client comes to visit you at your place of business, often their first impression of your business is not your sales pitch, or your friendly and caring nature. Often it occurs as they are arriving at your business premises and they see your building exterior for the first time.
Consider which of these scenarios would cast your business in the best light:

1. Your client arrives at your building to see an exterior paint work faded by the elements, chipped and flaked off, with strange discolourings. They enter the building, and before they are able to talk to your receptionist, they see a foyer, painted in bland colours, smudged and dirty; or

​2. Your client arrives, and sees your building painted in bright colours that match your brand colours. The colours look fresh, vibrant and exciting, and when they enter the building, the colours scheme continues inside, welcoming them into the foyer rich with vibrant, fresh, exciting colour.
Your interiors and exteriors should be painted in such a way that they reflect the core values of your business. A vibrant, exciting, fresh company should not have a building painted in dull, dirty, faded, damaged paint.
So if you want to change how the world sees your business, contact us for our Commercial Painting service. 

Roof Painting Townsville

roof painters Townsville

Sometimes we don’t give our roofs the credit they deserve. They are up there, in the scorching sun and the torrential rain, ensuring that we can live comfortably.
But our roof needs a little tender love and care every now and then. It needs some help to protect it from the elements so that it can continue to shelter us.
Painting your roof is one great way of protecting your roof. It creates a thin barrier between the surface of the roof and the things that can damage it.
Water is corrosive; given time, water will damage your roof, and things like lichen and algae allows water that time. In the normal course of events, water flows off the roof. That’s why your roof has a gradient; it’s to ensure the water flows away from the roof.
But things like lichen and algae can trap moisture close to the roof surface. This causes the roof to become weak there, and may cause roof leaks, which will eventually lead to expensive roof repair or roof restoration jobs.
Painting your roofs protects your roof from lichen and algae, and protects you against large roofing bills.
So call us today, or leave your details in the contact form and our friendly staff will get back to you.

Deck, Porch, Patio Painting and Staining Townsville

deck painters Townsville

Let’s start with the obvious reason for painting or staining your outdoor entertainment areas.
It just makes them look great. No one wants to spend time in an area that’s looking old and tired, covered with dirt and mildew and moss. A new paint or stain job will bring your entertainment areas back to life and make your back yard a focal point for your friends and family.
But not only that, painting and staining these areas protects them from the environment. These areas are usually open to the elements. The beating sun and the pelting rain can fade and damage the wood, turning what should be a focal pint into something you avoid like the plague.
Ensure your decks, patios and porches are everything they can be. Call us, or enter your details into the contact form. An exciting looking entertainment area, the envy of your friends and neighbours, could be just one call away.

Fence Painting Townsville

fence painters Townsville

Painting or staining your fence is a must if you are going into the property market, as it shows your property to be fresh and dynamic. On the other hand, a dull, splintery, faded wooden fence can have the affect of making everything else in the backyard also seem old and boring.
Like decks, patios and porches, painting fences also protects the fence against the elements, by creating a layer the exists between the paint and the water. This will ensure that the fence continues to stand for years to come. A strong looking fence adds to the impression of a secure property, while a fence that is being eaten apart by termites or rotten by water damage, makes a property seem vulnerable.

So, give us a call today, or enter your details through the contact form, and our contractors will be sure to talk to you as soon as possible.

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peintre en batiment.

At Top Coat Pro Painters Townsville, we are looking forward to working with you. You might think that painting doesn’t look too difficult, but it is a discipline that is difficult to master. On casual glancing, the difference between an amateur job and a professional one, might not seem that great, but you will be living with the results of these efforts for years to come.
A professional paint job will last longer, be better quality, and look better than an amateur job. Not only that, professionals can do it faster and do it safer, allowing you to do whatever else your life requires of you.
So, call us today for a free quote, or you can fill out the quote form. We are looking forward to working with you soon.

Have Questions? See Below For Some Answers

Why Should I Spend Money On Professional Painters When I Think I Could Do It Myself?

We’ve seen those shows too. They are very entertaining, and in a pinch, yes, you could at least paint the interiors of your home and perform an adequate job. (Although we would really advise you that external and roof painting are beyond the levels of amateur painters.)
But do you really want to be in your homes, staring at an adequate paint job for the next 5 or 10 years? Wouldn’t you rather be staring at a professional paint job?
Like many things, people can do adequate jobs, but it takes professional people to do really good jobs.  Most people, in a pinch, could cut your hair and do an ok job … but there are reasons why people go to hairdressers and fork out more money. Professionals do the job well … because they’ve been trained to do it well.
Painting also takes a long time, and for a while know, we’ve heard the saying ‘time equals money’. There’s not just the time and effort performing the paint job itself, there’s the time and effort preparing the surface for painting, moving furniture around before hand, cleaning up afterwards, and professional painters can perform all of this faster than you can … because they’ve been trained to do that.
It is clear that bringing in professional painters will save you time, a lot of effort, a lot of stress … and money, as well. So give us a call today.

What Benefits Are There To Painting Your Interior Walls?

A major benefit of bringing in professional painters to paint your interior is that you are able to completely change the visual style and impact of your home. In fact, you can give your home a completely different character, with simply a change of colour scheme.
Think about living room: a small cramped living room can be made to seem larger with a light colour scheme on the walls. Perhaps you want it to be more welcoming – well, some bright oranges and yellows can help with that.
Dark colours, on the other hand, might make a large room seem smaller. Why might you want to do that? Well, maybe you want the room to be more intimate, like a bedroom, and darker colours can add that sense of nuance and intimacy.
And here’s another benefit of painting your walls. You get cleaner walls. You get rid of all the dents and scrapes and smudges and dirt and hand prints and all the things that can happen to a wall to make it dirty, during the preparation stage. Actually painting it with new fresh colours is just a value add at that stage!

What About The Exteriors and Roof? What Benefits Are There In Getting Them Painted?

One of the major benefits of painting – inside, outside, or even top-side, if you include the roof – is in the overall increase in property value. A house with a coat of fresh pain, painted with dynamic colours that bring the property too life, will sell more than if the house still looked dull, with chipped, weather-worn, dirty looking paint.
In fact, some people did the math, and came up with a statistic that is quite alarming and may change the way you view the cost of painting your house. They found that the return of investment for painting the exteriors of a house was approximately 140% at the time of selling the house. In other words, the increase in value of the property due to the work done by painting the exteriors, was 1.4 times the actual cost of the paint job itself.
In that light, painting your exteriors is not a job, it is an investment, an investment that returns the full cost of the job … plus more.
And if you’re not yet ready to sell a house, here’s a non-property value reason for giving it a bit of a spruce up. Paint protects your house from the elements, nature and the environment; wind, rain, dirt, dust, birds and animals. Like your own skin, paint protects what’s beneath from what’s outside.
While true for your exterior walls, this is especially true for your roof. Painting your roof gives it a layer between the roof layer and things like lichen and algae. That mightn’t sound that exciting, but lichen especially holds water close to a surface, and water corrodes. Water held close to a roof surface will end with the roof leaking and eventually a large roof repair bill.
So whether your want to paint the interiors, exteriors or the roof, call us, and we’ll be ready and eager to work with you.

* This site, Top Coat Pro Painters Townsville, is a referral site. All work will be passed on to and completed by a licenced Painting contractor.